Essemm Soya Lecithin Hydroxylated

ESSEMM Hydroxylated soya lecithin is light colored product with increased water dispersability. It is useful in baking application of fats and retards staling. An effective way to improve water dispersability or enhance emulsifying properties of vegetable lecithins for o/w system is hydroxylation of the unsaturated fatty acids present in it. The pronounced hydrophilic character enables the product to be dispersed easily in cold water.

Hydroxylated lecithin improves dough extensility. Hydroxylation imparts hydrophilic properties and improves moisture retention to the lecithin. The main fatty acid components of the lecithin are the unsaturated fatty acids namely linolenic, linoleic acid and oleic acids and the active site for hydroxylation is the double bonds present in these acids. The resulting hydroxylated product has a decreased unsaturation as measured by the drop in iodine value, indicating hydroxylation.

Parameter Specifications for Hydroxylated Soya Lecithin
Appearance Free flowing
Acid value (mg KOH/g) 30 max
Moisture (%) <1.0  max
Acetone insoluble (%) 60 min
Color (in 10% toluene) Gardner Units 12 max
Hexane insolubles (%) 0.03
Peroxide value (meq/1000g) 5 max
Iodine Value 30% reduction
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