Break Free Linseed Oil (BFLO / HBLO) | Shiv Maheshwari Oil & Chem Pvt. Ltd

Break Free Linseed Oil is linseed oil that that has had its break/gums removed. It is suitable for use in the manufacture of alkyd resins. Linseed Oil being a natural product, has some cellulosic material attached to the molecule of linseed in its raw form. To remove cellulosic material, heat treatment with acid catalyst is made to make Heat Break Linseed Oil. Normal Linseed Oil is with cellulosic material and HBLO is free of Cellulosic material. This is particularly useful in applications which demand the linseed oil in its pure form but without cellulose material and with low moisture content.

Specifications of Break Free Linseed Oil

Colour Gardner Max. 11
Moisture % Max. 0.1
Relative Density g/cm @ 30o C 0.923 - 0.928
Refractive Index @ 40° C 1.472 - 1.475
Saponification Value - 188 - 195
Iodine Value WIJS Min. 170
Acid Value mg KOH/g Max. 4
Unsaponifiable Matter % Max. 1.5
Break - NIL
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